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Triple Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: Gluten-free and Baked, BOOM!

Big title, but it says it all. With Mother’s Day in 2 days, I wanted a recipe that was very dainty and pretty, easy to make for the cook (which most likely is a Mom … read more

Frozen Mixers you Make: Strawberry Daiquiri

Bartender, another round for my friends! Here come the strawberries. The one grand thing about springtime, which makes up for all the rain, is strawberries in all their sweet and juicy glory.  Have you ever … read more

Frozen Mixers you make: Piña Colada

Here we go! Let’s get ready for Summer entertaining by filling our freezer with a bunch of Frozen Mixers ready to blend up and get your party started. It’s easier than you think, and so … read more

It really does work: How to store Cilantro

I have been harvesting cilantro leaves from this jar for over 3 weeks now. After reading in thekitchn the best way to store cilantro which was an experiment done by blogger Jodi over at the Vegetable read more

Easy Entertaining: Giant Chocolate Chewies

As we enter the Spring and Summer seasons, I am sure we will all be entertaining more often, right? I used to make big gooey ridiculous desserts that took me all day to create, but … read more

Don’t let friends eat boring greens: Gingery Rainbow Chard

I think many of us overlook dark leafy greens because we are not too sure how to cook them. Come on, you grew up eating over boiled leafy greens, or worse yet, canned greens, right? So … read more

How to Cope with an Injury

Didn’t see this coming! A ridiculous, slow motion, soft landing fall, but in such a way that popped my shoulder out. Weird. This happened on January 27th and here we are in May and I … read more

No green thumb? Grow herbs

Forget that I was ever a Botany teacher, Biology teacher, or General Science teacher, I still have a black thumb. I blame it on the lack of sun, deer, and blazing hot Virginia summers. But … read more

Fast Lunch 1: the wonders of ricotta

Growing up, ricotta was reserved for making lasagna and ravioli, especially during the Holidays when all our favorite Italian dishes graced the table along with all the American dishes too. A ridiculous amount of food! … read more

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