Packing Eat: day 2- jars o’ protein roasted pork tenderloin

How’s it going? Are you fired up about having a refrigerator fully loaded with whole food meals, made in small batches, in short bursts of time for eating at home or on the go? If … read more

Packing Eat: day 1- Starting in the Middle


A big fat Welcome to Packing Eat Week here at BRK where I am going to spill my life right before your very eyes.  I have been in the food … read more

Packing Eat Week- tell the world

It’s Packing Eat Week here in BRK, which is very much like Shark Week, but with glass and food instead of teeth, blood, and shredded arms and legs. I created this week to reflect what … read more

one pan, three cuisines, six meals

You asked, I answered. A while back I asked if anyone was interested in learning how to do small batch cooking, or whatever the heck you want to call it, and I got a pretty … read more

“I have a gut feeling” A Brief on Probiotics

Thank you to Yakult USA for sponsoring this article. Learn why Yakult’s exclusive L. casei Shiorta probiotic strain can make all the difference for digestive health.

Maybe the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates, had it … read more

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