“But I’m an Athlete!” Say what?!

Those were the exact words that flew out of my mouth at my physical therapist when he patted me on the shoulder and basically said, “Good enough” with my recovery progress from my Left shoulder … read more

Shrimp is so fast, so easy, and so good

Don’t over think Shrimp, it’s good all on it’s own dipped in a little butter, but I’ll show you how to make delicious shrimp with minimal ingredients for a quick stress-free busy week night meal.  … read more

Wherein we perk up roasted veg: Cilantro Lime & Garlic Yams

Other than grilled, I love my veg roasted. I find roasting is a very hands off way off cooking. Prep the veggies, toss with oil, and throw them in the oven. Done. But just you … read more

Avocado overdue? Make chocomole

We’ll see if this one flies with Team BRK. I’m not a big hide-odd-veggies-or-fruits-in-food kind of person but I had an avocado ready to go out on me and remembered Whole Food’s recipe, Chocomole. Basically … read more

In a hurry Scotch Eggs, more like Splotch Eggs

Lately I have been doing lots of in-a-hurry cooking. Peeling here. Mashing there. Slicing here. Chopping there. I do my best to catch and use small bits of time to get things done so that … read more

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