Tex-Mex Night never tasted so good

After waving the white flag and asking the kids what kind of dinners they wanted, they came up with 7 Nights– Panini, Soup, Meat, Pasta, Tex-Mex, Pizza, and Fish (which really means to them … read more

and it has come to this…

They won. Back in January we had a bad week here, a bad food week that is. I was happy eating healthy dishes, fresh vegetables, and the such, but the kids were fed up with … read more

On enjoying slow, passive cooking: applesauce

There’s nothing to it actually. Select some calming music, brew a cuppa, and start peeling some nice, crisp apples, it doesn’t really matter what kind so long as you choose the ones you like. Sometimes … read more

I’m going to start a new blog called…

Food in My Sling. This contraption is even more efficient than the brassiere in the function of crumb catching. I mean, it is only once in a stormy night that I find a lucky … read more

‘Cause if you made it, then you should have put a egg on it’

Sung to “All the Single Ladies”

One trick I have learned in all my years of cooking is that once an egg is added to a simple meal, one has a feast. For example, we … read more

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