Pumpkin Roll Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream Syrup

Christmas Morning Perhaps…

Do you remember when I made 18 Pumpkin Roll Cakes for our school’s bake sale? I have made a few since then, even one a few weeks ago for Ma’s birthday. Then … read more

Party Food: Mini Chicken Quesadillas & Cinnamon Sugar Chips

Time for party food that everyone loves! My oldest son challenged me to make Chicken Quesadillas to fit in his Mason Jar for lunch. He suggested that I cut them to the size of the … read more

Italian Wellington

“Holy Moly, holy moly, holy moly!” That’s all I could say when Himself asked me to marry him over a beautiful dinner of Beef Wellington almost 19 years ago. It is sad that not many … read more

For the Dogs: Pupcakes

Do you remember this past summer when I hosted my Cooking Salon at the Lake Anne Farmer’s Market? These were small, intimate cooking classes right in the Market. After doing several Salons I had realized … read more

Hot Olive Appetizer

Himself and I like to have lunch dates. When the weather is pretty we especially like to dine outside, sip some wine, and snack on Hot Olives before our meal. And let me just say, … read more

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