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Irish Eggs Benedict

This is the week that many of you will be making some type of Irish dish in remembrance of St. Patrick’s Day. I have seen many wonderful Irish Stews all over the internet as well … read more

Ma Cooks Mammy’s Chicken Fried Steak

Ma, Robin Sue’s mother is back at Big Red Kitchen for more cooking with a memorable recipe from Mammy, Robin Sue’s grandmother.

When I married my husband I did not know how to cook because … read more

Spaghetti Pie

I don’t do pie crust. My mother has repeatedly shown me how to do it. I used to watch my grandmother, Mammy, make it by the tons but me? Forget about it. But Spaghetti Pie is … read more

Baked Corn Dogs

Who doesn’t like a good corn dog? Just don’t read the label right? We love corn dogs in our family and to see them at the fair all golden on a stick. Weee! But oh … read more

I Got a Standing Ovation!

Really I did! I catered a Women’s Spa and Health Retreat at a B&B in Western Loudoun here in VA. I planned a Le Grande Aioli. It was Nicole’s Blog, Art and Aioli that inspired … read more

2 Cheap Chicks & $20: Operation Trader Joe’s

The Mission: To create a 3 dish meal, company worthy, for $20.

With food costs soaring my friend Rindy and I created this challenge for ourselves. Could we do it? Create a meal special enough … read more

USC Football and the Best Jalapeño & Beer Queso

Himself is a big, no, HUGE USC Football fan. USC is his alma mater. We have a USC vanity plate on each car, one being SC TROJN, causing one of my friends to ask me … read more

I’ve Adopted Again!

But this time it wasn’t a cute little girl from South Korea named Daelyn Rae. This time it’s a Food Blogger! That’s right, I am participating in the Adopt a Blogger event created by Kristen … read more

Octopus and Seaweed

Hi there… I am Sabrina. I am a guest blogger for the Big Red Kitchen. I just wandered in here and they said “You’re on in 4, 3, 2, 1”. So now I have to … read more

Dutch Oven Beef & Gravy. Secret Ingredients Revealed!

The first time I met Reda and Wib was at my mailbox on a scorching North Carolina day in June. “Man it’s hot here, note to self, never go barefoot. Acha, eacha, oocha!” I muttered … read more

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