Cheese Fondue

This past Christmas, I gave gift packages containing my family’s favorite things. A favorite game, cookie, and Mexican Cocoa Mix along with a list of our favorite movies, books, and recipes. Lately, I have been enamored with every one’s favorite things. I believe I appreciate favorite things so much because they are sweet little condensed versions of the good things in life. These items have been greatly researched, forever tried and true, and repeatedly pleasurable. So why not indulge others to bequeath some of their favorite things? I may try some and like them enough to embellish my own favorite list even further. Some may even challenge me to over step my comfort zones into new and exciting genres that would have never crossed my imagination.

My new favorite thing is Cheese Fondue. At least it is my favorite in the “What to Serve at Friday Night Gatherings” category, as I must categorize all my favorite things because to have one favorite thing would hurt the feelings of all my other favorite things. I know Cheese Fondue was trendy years ago, and I am a little behind in falling in love with it, but I was busy loving other things back then. The other night I had some girlies over as our men braved the elements to attend the D.C. Auto Show. I whipped up some Swiss Cheese Fondue which I had purchased from Trader Joe’s. Yes, it was premade and just needed a gentle nuking. We dipped gnocchi, roasted rosemary potatoes, chicken and roasted garlic sausages, carrots and celery, apples, and three artisan breads. It was cheesy love. This was a wonderfully balanced meal with the lush green salad we served along side and so simple for a “Friday Night Gathering”. This will be repeated in my house again and again (until a new favorite comes along, so I am fickle) and if men attend I will add a queso fondue, beer brats, and corn chips just to guy it up. Think about your favorite things, write them down even, and share with others the best in life.

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  1. Vic
    Posted June 19, 2010 at 10:45 AM | Permalink

    We also dip green beans, asparagus and pretzel rolls in our fondue. Cheesy goodness to be sure!

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