Monthly Archives: February 2008

Friday Night Food- Macho Nacho Dip

Come Monday morning we aim our tunnel vision right for Friday night. And tonight is Friday night! Work outside of the home is on hold for two days, school is out and we can kick back … read more

Bread Another Way? No Way

While I am on the topic of bread, here is an easy hands-off way of making bread for those circumstances when your oven is being used for other dishes, its Summer and you do not want … read more

Bread Baking Made Easier- Finally

I am the Yeast Whisperer. I have always had good fortune in the bread baking and pizza crust department, a special yeast savvy. If it is fed, warmed, then put to sleep in a dark, … read more

Mushrooms in Sour Cream and Rice Pilaf

I have a few favorite dishes I like to make when I have company. They are simple, delicious, and dependable. My family does not eat mushrooms, shame really. I like the little toad stools myself. My … read more

Chicken Bundles

I met Joyce 22 years ago at college. We were roomies in our senior year with two other gals. The four of us worked out a cooking schedule and took turns cooking from Monday through Thursday … read more

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