Red Velvet Cake Balls

I took the plunge and made the cake balls from Bakerella’ site. The cake balls came out beautifully but the work involved was tedious. I did not use candy coating. That could have been the biggest mistake as chopping one pound of my Callebaut White chocolate, followed by the tempering process without seizing or scorching the batch, took an exorbitant amount of time. And by the time the 50th ball was dipped I was weary. So I put the other 43 balls back in the freezer for future dipping with the much easier and more forgivable, but not as decadent candy coating. We will enjoy the first batch this week for Valentine’s Day and the others for any future celebrations that come our way.

Note: The inside texture is very different from a truffle. The texture is that of a very moist and creamy cake. Although the cake balls are delicious and diverse in form and function, I prefer truffles for the amount of time and effort put into this type of dessert or candy. My blog, my opinion!

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