Big RK’s Trouble Spots

The other night my husband threatened to take pictures of areas in the Big RK that I avoid in all my photos. Clean dishes waiting to be put away, a banana gone black in the fruit bowl, the desk with its mounds of papers… The Big RK goes through many phases in a weeks time. From neat and tidy in the beginning of the week to piles of school work, bills, and book bags by mid week, to a room looking like a tornado had been through it by the end of the week, just in time for the weekend. Once a piece of paper is placed on the counter it is as a written invitation for all other papers to join the party. The first time something in the pantry is out of place the rest of the out of placers follow suit.

Just in time for Spring Cleaning, Apartment Therapy: the kitchn is hosting a Kitchn Cure. Allotting 8 weeks to clean up and health up our kitchens. So I joined, it was painless and free, just another stinking pass word to remember, and on March 20th they will tell me what I need to do first. Each week they will post ideas and helpful hints. I am looking forward to some of the ideas they have promised. They will emphasize organization but also some other tips about pantry stocking, and I think menu planning. Sounds fun.

Here is what the Big RK looks like on the outside of the cupboards, corners, and pantry. Nice and shiny and neat, it is the beginning of the week, of course. I am almost afraid to show you some of the trouble spots lest you judge me. But hey, I bet some of you have a few kitchen chubby parts that need to lose some extra pounds too.

Here is the first trouble area I would like to work on. I desperately need to purge some cook books and declutter this area. It is a really nice shelf and one of the first areas you see when walking into my kitchen so I picked it as the first of many declutter projects.

In this photo you can tell I am a shrimp, look where I can reach. This will be the first cupboard to get a makeover.

Would any of you like to join me in this project? We can cheer each other on. Keep each other accountable. Anyone? Anyone? Leave a comment if you would like to keep me company on this journey. You are welcome to share some of your before and after pictures to be posted here as well, simply email them to the address up top. The more the merrier. Go ahead and join the Kitchn Cure too, but you don’t have to, just hang with me if that is all you can do. I will post before and afters of my progress so that hopefully you will be encouraged to join the fun. You born perfect neat people need not apply. We sloppies feel bad enough as it is and have the therapy receipts to prove it. Come on, saddle along next to me, it will make you feel good.

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