the kitchn cure

I had just spent the last 24 hours in bed and couch from some viral attack. But by 2pm today I was feeling a little better. I figured I should check out the kitchn to check in on the kitchn cure. I clicked in and received the first assignment, to purge the cupboards, frige, and pantry of expired and unused items and to wipe every surface down. I downloaded my shamefully “messy” photos on to the kitchn cure Flicker group and even figured out how to get my photo on the member page. I am becoming a computer geek!

I wanted to stick to my original plan and purge the books and clutter from my book shelf, since that was about all the excitement I could stand for now. Then when I was feeling more up to speed I would tackle the pantry and cupboards.

But something terrible happened….

My little guy was helping with ice cream cone treats and walked out of the pantry with a look of fright and said “something scary happened in there.” I looked and instantly became deflated, you know the feeling, the wind has gone from your sails, someone threw a wrench in your plans. I’ve never handled change well. There went the shelf idea and on to cleaning up a very sticky mess. A one gallon bottle of strawberry syrup had cracked and spilled it’s entire contents on to the pantry floor. Which my son was much relieved as he thought it was blood! It is a frightening picture isn’t it? The syrup instantly devoured a bag of onions that was on the floor and put out the worst stench. So I got up as much sticky goo as I could. The kids and I emptied the entire pantry floor and made a call to Stanley Steemers to steam clean my entire kitchen floor. I will never get the red out of the grout, believe me I tried with dishwasher detergent and a tooth brush.

After the mess came under some control my long lost appetite returned and I needed something good, fast. One of my favorite go to quick dinners is heating up Trader Joe’s Penne Arrabbiata (from the freezer section) and one pound of their jumbo peeled, uncooked shrimp (also in the freezer). A wonderful healthy meal that served with garlic bread and a salad is something done in about 15 minutes. Instead of 2 T. of water I add about 1/3 cup just to have more sauce for dipping my bread. Plus the spice of this sauce was just what this gal’s sinuses needed. I’ll keep you posted on how well the steaming of my tile and grout goes. Oh and the rest of the kitchn cure too!

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