Vernal Equinox

11 hours ago at 1:48 EST, Spring sprung! I have been noticing life popping up all over my yard, the chives, oregano, sage, bleeding hearts, daffodils, and tree buds. My salvia and mountain pinks fared well over the winter too. Our crab apple and cherry blossom trees are budding and I am looking forward to their beautiful blossoms as the crab apple puts off a heavenly scent. In about two weeks it will be time to plant the rest of my herbs and flowers. I mostly do container gardening since I have very little sun, I live in the woods.

The deer also take kindly to anything not nailed down and even eat some things that they are not “supposed” to eat. I like to grow 12 foot sunflowers, gone, they munched those right down. My prize is the crop of morning glories along with moon flowers that climb up my drain spout each year. I do not even have to plant them anymore they seed over each year. So what I thought was an annual has become perennial at my house. The deer nibbled on them too, strange. Although the deer eat up my flowers we have enjoyed watching the herds roam free through the park and our yard. The newborns are about the most precious things to watch. The one thing I will miss once the leaves are back is the beautiful sunsets I see from my Big Red Kitchen.

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