Monthly Archives: August 2008

What is Your Favorite Burger Joint?

Himself has introduced us to Dick’s. It is a burger joint that he went to while growing up in Seattle. It is an old glassed in looking drive up restaurant that you make your … read more

Eating Our Way Through Pike Place Market: A Picture Post

read more

9 Unique Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Vacation

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt for it. After finding my closet full of vacation spot t-shirts, I have discovered other ways to spend my money or no money at all, on lasting mementos … read more

Do You Build Dishes Around One Ingredient?

Idon’t really know what else to call this salad but Blueberry Salad. It was inspired by a salad we ate while on vacation. One night at Family Camp, we were served a salad of … read more

Chocolate Abundance Part II

Have you ever visited a Chocolate Flower Farm or have even heard of one? My next chocolate adventure on Whidbey Island, occured just down the road from Langley, WA, at neat niche nursery called the … read more

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