Monthly Archives: September 2008

I Got a Standing Ovation!

Really I did! I catered a Women’s Spa and Health Retreat at a B&B in Western Loudoun here in VA. I planned a Le Grande Aioli. It was Nicole’s Blog, Art and Aioli that inspired … read more

Worth Writing Home About


I have had a busy week. Needed to write a test for my students, shop for a catering gig I have this Saturday at a B & B, and … read more

Supper Club: Western Style Plus Video!

Read all of the following in your best Western Cowboy Drawl. Think John Wayne.

Once again we had a fantastic Supper Club. This time Himself and I hosted at our home and planned a Western … read more

2 Cheap Chicks & $20: Operation Trader Joe’s

The Mission: To create a 3 dish meal, company worthy, for $20.

With food costs soaring my friend Rindy and I created this challenge for ourselves. Could we do it? Create a meal special enough … read more

Fourth Generation Ice Box Pudding: Cooking With Daelyn

I thought back to the very first recipe my Ma taught me to make. Ice Box Pudding. I asked Ma the other day about it. Why is is called Ice Box Pudding? Did her Mom make … read more

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