More Unique Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Vacation

What a great response from all my readers to 9 Unique Souvenir Ideas For Your Next Vacation, thank you! I have compiled a list of More Unique Souvenir Ideas For You Next Vacation from those of you who posted your ideas. These ideas were clever, affordable, fun, and very unique. I hope you find that you can take some of these ideas with you on your next vacation. So sit back and see what some of my readers came up with:

10. Ma, of Ashburn, VA suggests visiting the local festivals while traveling to pick up unique gifts. She also likes to pick up unique things at garage sales while out of town. Can I go to a garage sale in Hawaii, I need a surf board?

11. Donna said, “How about a Christmas ornament from your travels. We have done this and love to unpack our ornaments every year and remember our travels.” Ooh good idea. When folks visit us we take them to the White House Store in DC so that they can purchase a White House Ornament. Thanks Donna!

12. Tanya of Take the Cannoli picked up special notecards on her vacation that were done by a local artist, she then gave them as a gift. Here is what else she had to say: “Another good option for us creative types is to take some really beautiful photos and scrapbook them, along with things you found/did on the trip (tickets to a show, etc). Not really a souvenir in the traditional sense, but a great way to remember your trip.” Good idea to collect things along the way to place in scrapbooks, thank you Tanya!

13. Beth, of OK said “How about a family picture for X-Mas cards. That way everyone can see where you’ve been, you’ve shared something and the ones you want to give a gift to can see where it came from. And every year you will have a record of where and what you have done. In the future that may come in handy.” Himself and I did that last year. We took a family picture at Fenway Park and when it came time to send as Christmas cards the Red Sox had won the World Series. That was a great card! Thanks Beth!

14. Joyce, of MD suggests scanning her “paper” souvenirs. Here is what she does: “I have saved some of the “paper” souvenirs, such as ticket stubs from some unique adventure, brochure from something we saw-they sometimes have great pictures in them. I then scan the items into my computer and cut and paste onto a blank document and print that page out as the “title” page to my digital scrapbook. It gives a quick snap shot, tells its own story of where we went-and then I don’t have to keep all that “paper” from our trip. Great idea Joyce! You are always so creative!

15. Jo of Corner Scribe gives us this suggestion: “I like to pick up postcards, but not for mailing back to friends. You can jot down when you visited and any special notes about the vacation on the back and tuck them away. It’s reminiscent of writing on the backs of photos, before we took so many digital pictures.” Cute idea, thanks Jo!

16. L-Jay said, “Our family buys a local comic book from each country we go to.” Never thought of doing that but for all you comic fans this would be very cool.

17. Rossella of Ma Che ti Sei Mangiato, said, “Being a fooblogger, I buy local food related magazines. Now I’ve one in Belgian, to understand recipes I use Internet.” Haven’t thought of this one either. Boy you all sure are clever.

18. Kikolani said…”I think photography is a great souvenir, as it is unique to the things you find beautiful enough to photo. Plus, you can place yourself into the scene, and the image can last a lifetime.” So instead of purchasing someone else’s photography, take your own shots with you as the subject! Kinda like Matt who dances all over the world and gets paid for it! Watch the video it is wonderful. You should be able to name the exact location of his very last dance scene on the video. Can you?

19. Sporkboy sends us two ideas. “I carry a travel journal with me so I collect stories. I also collect coffee stains that I keep in my travel journals. All those little bits of paper, ticket stubs and the like, live in my journal as well.” Ok Sporkboy you got me on the coffee stain bit. You win my vote for most “Strangely Original.”

20. Sporkboy’s second suggestion…”I do have a fondness for grocery stores so number 2 (on the first list) is near and dear to my heart. Specifically I bring back candy, loads of it. It makes a great gift coming back home and then every time you have that candy again it takes you right back.” Oh, this reminds me of the time my brother, Rob and his wife, Tonya came to visit us in Germany. We went to the Netherlands and took them to my favorite village, Delft. Rob said a coworker said that he had to get “drop” a special Dutch candy. Being foodies Rob and I scoured the village until we found the stuff. We discovered that it is double salted black licorice. We were so let down, we thought we were really on to something great. Korea had some great candies. And who could pass by a Belgian Chocolate shop without ducking in? Thanks Graham for both of your suggestions!

21. Kate of Warm Olives and Grace of Face To The Sun like to collect rocks. Kate says this, “I take a stone or rock (small, perhaps walnut sized), preferably unique to the area or at least interesting, and I add them to a huge glass bowl into which I always have flowers or cuttings of some kind. I just rinse out the stones and pebbles when I change the flowers.” Grace adds, “Right now I’ve got 20 or so (small ones) on my desk. Each time I hold one, it reminds me of the place I got it. Salt crystals from a salt mine in Arizona, red agate from an Oregon beach, a round feel-good rock from the mesa above Georgia O’Keefe’s studio.” I have a friend who collects sand and shells from each beach she has been to and places them in pretty jars with a small label stating which beach, very prettily done, I might add. We have black sand from Hawaii.

22. DelKee of You Knew This… also agreed about the photography but added this, “As far as local cuisine, my husband and I always look to purchase wine, if possible.” We have done that in the past and were so happy we did. We like Whidbey’s Port but they stopped making it. Over the years we had made quite a collection of it, now only if we can find others to drink it with who appreciate a good port!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this post. You all have made it a great success. While you are at it go ahead and click on all the links to all the great contributors, there are some neat sites out there!

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  1. sporkboy
    Posted September 1, 2008 at 12:32 PM | Permalink

    Salted black licorice is an acquired taste. The first time I tried it I was horrified that such a thing even existed. Later I tried it again and realized that it was quite good. If you don’t like black licorice to begin with then you are kind of sunk but our taste buds evolve over time.

    Presently I’m quite fond of the stuff and I’ll be pulling some out of my secret candy stash today as this thread has reminded me that I haven’t done that in a while.

    I did write an entry not long ago about candy and my travels that you might find interesting.

  2. Kristen
    Posted September 1, 2008 at 11:32 PM | Permalink

    I love the Christmas card idea. Well, I love all the ideas, but especially that one!

  3. Tony333
    Posted September 19, 2008 at 6:04 AM | Permalink

    Thanks for your wonderful tips to make my vacation trip memorable.

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