Monthly Archives: October 2008

Economy Buster! How To Make Your Own Gourmet Caramel Apple Kit

Come this time of year I find that there are so many parties and events to attend, many of them requiring a gift to exchange. There are hostess gifts to buy, teacher gifts, friend’s gifts, … read more

Super Easy Garlic Chicken

This is a favorite dinner in our house: Garlic Chicken. It is a dish that I can prepare in the morning and cook it up quickly in the evening while I cut up some … read more

How To Run A Successful Bake Sale

Who doesn’t like a good bake sale? Home baked goodies from cookies to cakes, fudgy brownies and cupcakes. What’s not to love? Have you ever been to a bake sale and it looks more like … read more

Teriyaki Turkey Sliders

Last week while watching the championship baseball series between the Red Sox and what’s their faces I saw a Ruby Tuesdays’ commercial promoting their new triple slider platter. It was a tidy rectangle platter sporting … read more

Baked Corn Dogs

Who doesn’t like a good corn dog? Just don’t read the label right? We love corn dogs in our family and to see them at the fair all golden on a stick. Weee! But oh … read more

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