Monthly Archives: November 2008

Post Thanksgiving Football Weekend Taco Soup

All Thanksgiving weekend the TV will be on so that Himself can watch all the football anyone ever wanted to see. With so many leftovers around, meals during this weekend are a snap. But after … read more

Cranberry Salsa Black Bean Dip

Looking beyond Thanksgiving I see a long weekend of football, from pro to college ball, this is a time when I need to have at the ready some football food. You know what I am … read more

Tiny Brie Bites

Along with fellow blogger Veronica of Supermarket Serenade, I too am a fan of the new Brie Log. I saw her post on Friday and had to laugh out loud that the phrase “Great … read more

How To Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes: Boursin Potatoes

I am utterly speechless when I eat these potatoes, except of course for the mmm-ing I’m doing. These are the best mashed potatoes ever and we love them at our house. This recipe is adapted from … read more

Awards and Meme

I must say I am a bit behind in the Award Department. It seems once the school year started I have been running in all directions. So I am pulling these awards out of the closet … read more

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