Monthly Archives: February 2009

Chicken Curry Sliders

Oh yeah! These were so tasty. I think these round out my “Trio of Sliders” very well. I followed Dawn’s Chicken Curry Burgers recipe for my little sliders and wow, we loved these so much. … read more

Roasted Chickpeas

Pairs well with BruegelFor the rest of the Pack:AUGUSTIJNKorean Bulgogi Tacos or Chicken SatayPIRAATPork Tenderloin and Apple Arugula SaladBORNEM TRIPLECitrus Alaska Cod with Tahini Drizzle BORNEM read more

Salmon Souvlaki and a Faux Pas!

Iam sure I have committed some type of faux pas by making a souvlaki using salmon instead of chicken. I had chicken the night before so it was time to have a fish dish and … read more

Sweet and Sour Sauce

We like our Sweet and Sour, that’s for sure. My kids would have everything very sweet without the sour though. This recipe is made with my Sweet and Sour Sauce that is very versatile. I … read more

Cook the Blog

What I Tried and Loved

Over at Serious Eats they have a feature called “Cook the Book” which reviews a popular cookbook or cooks a recipe from that cookbook. Well “Cook the Blog” is what … read more

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