Monthly Archives: May 2009

How to Get A Dinner Party Together In A Very Short Time

I had a garden project the morning of my Supper Club Party that took more time than I thought, therefore leaving me with very little time to get my act together for this party. Oh and … read more

Mamma Mia! Greek Supper Club

This really should be titled “How to Prep for a Dinner Party in Less Than 4 Hours.” But “Mamma Mia” “When All Is Said And Done” “The Winner Takes It All,” I got it all … read more

Rainbow Cupcakes

So when it came time for our school’s bake sale a week ago, I thought Rainbow Cupcakes would be fun for a change. I was right, they were the first ones to go because children … read more

Fancy Brownies

This is a quick and simple post because I am swamped this week. A while ago a friend showed me how to fancy up regular brownies by adding a layer of buttercream frosting and a … read more

Zippy Dogs

When I need a quick Potluck treat for kids I turn to Zippy Dogs. My three children are in the school play this Friday: “Alice in Wonderland.” Last Friday night they had a cast potluck … read more

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