Monthly Archives: June 2009

Simply S’mores

Summertime. Lemonade, grilling out, long walks, and S’mores. Our fire pit is used year round but recently we have made it a bit of a routine to roast bounties of marshmallows and make S’mores. There … read more

Sour Cream Muffin Cakes

These muffins are so good; moist, soft, light, rich in flavor. This recipe is from my Ma, it is her Sour Cream Coffee Cake that I simply poured into muffin cups so that each child … read more

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies and Other Things

Summertime is a perfect time to start trying out some of the recipes on your blogs that I have flagged. Last week I printed off a bunch and I am now here to tell you … read more

Summertime Menu Planning

Now that my children are home for the summer, 88 days to be exact, I needed to create a specialized menu plan for our meals, specifically lunch and dinner. First, I wanted easy meals that … read more

Eating a Rainbow- Green: Dandelion Greens

Once upon a time there lived an old lady who could be spotted in the weedy, over-grown medians along the busy American Legion Highway, mostly in the bent-over position picking dandelions. No one knew her … read more

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