Monthly Archives: August 2009

Crispy Caramel Marshmallows

I will need to hide these from myself. This little finger food of soft marshmallows enrobed in caramel and rolled in crispy rice cereal may cause a problem in the area of me bum- yes baby’s … read more

Summer Supper: Chunky Gazpacho and German Sandwiches

It’s funny how easily I forget things that I once loved so much. These open-faced sandwiches were a favorite of mine while living in Germany. Wonderfully smoked meats or salamis atop the freshest of seeded … read more

Ma’s Famous Parsley Potatoes

My family and I just spent a week at my parents home at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Ma cooked scrumptious dishes for us and has even shared her famous potato dish with all of you. Ma read more

Restaurant Depot

Anything from portion cups, take out containers, and diner style baskets can be spotted on my posts and often cause readers to ask where I purchase these specialty items. Well ask no more! Rindy, … read more

How to Serve Citrus Fruit

Sometimes in life we happen upon little nuggets of wonderfulness. Call it serendipity or call it luck, or maybe chance. I call it a gift. In the most unexpected places, without even looking for anything … read more

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