Monthly Archives: October 2009

How To Make Hot Chocolate Pods

Have you ever had Ibarra? Or maybe some of you know it as Abuelita. It is a Mexican Hot Chocolate Drink made by blending the chocolate tablet, I call them pods, into four cups of … read more

Cooking Light’s New Layout

A representative from Cooking Light magazine contacted me to see if I would be interested in exploring their new magazine layout starting in the September issue. Once I confirmed that I did not have to subscribe- … read more

Soft Pretzel Samoas

My sister-in-law Donna emailed me last week telling me to try out her new pretzel snack. She melted caramels, dipped one side of a soft pretzel in it and then dipped the caramel side into… read more

Carb Loading: Noodles and Eggs

A very long time ago I used to run. I had the nice shoes, the cool tights, and people to run with me. One day while running a 5 mile route we had mapped out around… read more

Baked Apples

Recently I have discovered the delicacy of Honeycrisp Apples. Super crispy and sweet these apples are the perfect eating apple and have satisfactory results once baked. I called a gal I know who runs her … read more

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