Monthly Archives: November 2009

We Had a Beautiful Thanksgiving, You?

Big Red Kitchen was buffed and shined ready to receive guests for the big show- Thanksgiving. Our neighbors who are from the UK and Germany were our guests of honor which was incredibly special to … read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kitchen tip: put your little Turkeys out early to defrost. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you who read Big Red Kitchen daily, without you I would feel empty. … read more

Andouille and Sweet Potato Kebabs

My calender seems to be filling quickly! Not only with social events but things like, “Hey mom I need to bring a treat for my class’ Thanksgiving feast- tomorrow.” I have spent the last two … read more

Harvest Chicken and Biscuits

A super simple and delicious one-dish dinner to warm your chilly nights. While reading some of my favorite blogs and looking for inspiration for dinner one night, I came across Debbie’s Mocha Me and found that … read more

Where Was Robin Sue?

I was missing in action over a long weekend last week. My parents were gracious enough to watch our children so that I could attend a business retreat with Himself down in the Florida Keys. Himself … read more

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