Monthly Archives: December 2009

‘Twas the Days of Christmas

‘Twas the days before Christmas, when all round the house, the white stuff fell to be dug by Himself;

The cousins all posed by the chimney with care,we finally got a good shot without a single read more

“Sugar Glider” Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it came time for Zuzu to chose his Christmas treat, he did not hesitate in blurting out, “Chocolate Chip Cookies!” I was a bit disappointed, they are not very festive, delicious yes, but festive, … read more

Cookie Press Short Bread Cookies

This year each family member picked a treat they wanted for Christmas, Littleness chose Cookie Press Cookies. She got to choose their shapes, colors, decorations, and even flavor. Above is Daelyn and I modeling our … read more

Pineapple Squares

This year I did things a little differently. I asked each family member what treat they would like me to make for Christmas. Thinking I knew my husband like a book, I thought for sure … read more

Super Fast: Pofosen

I have spoken here before about Sunday Night Suppers and today I found a recipe that often made the rotation into our SNS. I discovered Pofosen in my Von Trapp Family Cookbook years ago while living … read more

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