Monthly Archives: August 2010

Peanut Butter Chiffon Pie

Himself likes Peanut Butter Pie. If it is on the menu at any restaurant, he orders it, unless Crème brûlée is on the menu of course. He has had some good ones and some bad. … read more

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Farmer’s Market Tour and Le Grande Aioli

We or should I say oui, had a very French day last Saturday. Friends and I strolled the historical Lake Anne Farmer’s Market, purchased the freshest fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, and bread to bring … read more

Fudge Cake

Himself loves this cake. I made it up while in Cannon Beach. We were hosting a party for the entire family to kick off Himself’s Parent’s 50th Anniversary and I needed to make a … read more

The Little House Beyond the Iron Gate

When we arrived at the abandoned dirt lot on the edge of a junk yard we thought that we made a dreadful mistake. There were no signs pointing us in the direction of the alleged … read more

Prosciutto Wrapped Cantaloupe Salad

Not much of an explanation is needed in explaining how to make this salad. I think the picture speaks boldly! Aren’t the colors beautiful? All the flavors are present with cantaloupe donating its sweet juiciness, … read more

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