Monthly Archives: October 2010

Boston Marathon of the Eating Kind

As you read this, I will be in Boston eating my way through my favorite haunts, mostly in the North End or Little Italy. I have a few important things to do, one, compare Regina … read more

Fire Pit Supper

Our evenings have been beautiful of late so we took advantage of the warm night and ate outside. My brother and his family were over last night and we decided to make our dinner over … read more

Salame di Cioccolato

Eating this reminds me of Christmas. Something about orange and chocolate. Don’t be off-put by its name, there is no meat in this salami, it is purely dessert. It only looks like salami and tastes … read more

Garlic Ranch Pretzels

There is a story behind these pretzels. I made them way back when Captain Himself deployed to Haiti. Along with some other treats like baking and sealing a cake in a jar (yes I was … read more

Bake Sale: Doggie Treats, Acorn Cupcakes, Candy Corn Cookie Bars, and More!

Here we go! The Bake Sale Recap from last week. I baked six different treats from 9 am to 11 pm last Thursday- not sure if I will do that again as it took 4 … read more

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