Monthly Archives: November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From Big Red Kitchen

Have a beautiful and safe Thanksgiving full of food, merry-making, thankfulness, and laughter. I am thankful for all of you who visit daily to see what I am up to here in Big Red Kitchen. … read more

Thanksgiving Wassail

This is a must in Big Red Kitchen throughout the Yuletide Season. We start drinking it at Thanksgiving and do not stop until after New Year. The balance of sweet and citrus and spices brings … read more

Thanksgiving Yummy Yams

By far this has to be my favorite yam recipe. Oh sure, I have had many variations of sweet potato/yam casseroles but is was the cheddar cheese that won me on this one. Kind of … read more

Thanksgiving Savory Corn Pudding

I grew up eating Corning Pudding on Thanksgiving, well we ate lots of things actually. We always started with the Italian Feast directly followed by the American food, if you are Italian you can identify. The … read more

Thanksgiving Harvard Beets

This dish is probably my favorite Thanksgiving side dish after stuffing. Fresh roasted beets are delicious but adding a sweet and sour sauce that has made Harvard Beets so famous really takes beets over the … read more

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