Yearly Archives: 2011

Hot Cocktail Bar

Makes for a very toastie Winter…

There is nothing like a Hot Cocktail to warm the cockles of ones heart. Christmas Evening we had a house full of family and I wanted everyone to feel … read more

Crab Pizza

New Year’s Eve Perhaps…

My little son gave me Angry Birds (full version) on my iphone for Christmas and just let me say, nothing is getting done. That game is addictive. My family asked me … read more

Shrimp Louis and Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway

Ah the glamour of it all! Christmas Parties galore, then on to the New Year’s Eve all night, champagne clinking celebrations. One year on Christmas Eve, our family tried to do The Feast of the … read more

Eggnog Yule Log and Giveaway

When I was a little girl, Ma used to make fresh eggnog at Christmastime. So thick and rich, this proved to be a great treat. I can remember Ma’s pretty Poinsettia Cake, how she used … read more

1,2,3 Done! Wensleydale, Gingersnaps, and Rosa Regale

I never understood the cheese plate after a big meal. I like my cheese flights before the meal and dessert after, that is until I had this flavor combination introduced to me by my CrossFit Partner, … read more

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