Monthly Archives: March 2011

10 Things I Am Learning About Building a Business

Wondering where I am? Yeah, it’s as if I have been abducted by aliens and all that is left are my clothes! Actually, all is fine, just productive getting my Big Red Kitchen Cooking Salonread more

45 More Days!

Gulp. Big Red Kitchen Cooking Salon goes live at Lake Anne’s Market in 45 days! I am in overdrive as I speak daily with dinnerware and flatware vendors, scheduling and account management companies, Paypal, the … read more

Wherein They Fight Over Bread

Now that I am filling my gas tank with grocery money, I am looking to lower priced cuts of meats and poultry to feed my family. I am a fan of dark chicken meat and … read more

Breakfast Cones

For breakfast or lunch, I think these will make a nice addition to the menu rotation. Even though this first batch had the traditional breakfast fare- scrambled eggs, natural sausage, cheese, and potatoes- I think … read more

Cooking With Dad- a Virtual Cooking Class

I am trying something new and different. I will be co-hosting a virtual cooking school called Cooking Connections this Wednesday night. I think the neatest thing about doing these things is that I get to meet … read more

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