Monthly Archives: May 2011

Chocolate Amaretto Tart Piled High with Strawberries

What a fantastic weekend my family and I had. How was yours? Friday night was another all-nighter getting ready for the Salon on Saturday. I think I need a few more hours in my week! … read more

Cooking up Chard Stems at the Market

Here is a look at my new “office,” pretty nice, huh? Last Saturday was a beautiful day to cook at the market. Sunshine, live music, tons of people, and fresh produce. Now that strawberries and … read more

How to Make Homemade Wipes- The New Way

Sorta looks like milk spewing out of that pitcher. Naw it’s just another one of Robin Sue’s cockamimi idears. When I had my first baby, a girlfriend of mine taught me how to make my … read more

Teapot Cake

With just whipped cream, strawberries, angel food cake, and peppermint leaves I created this cake. Sure I could have made some fondant or Rice Krispies Treats for the handle and spout, but why make life … read more

Cookbook Review: Guy Fieri Food- Giveaway!

Winner winner Chicken Dinner! Congrats to Natalie! Comment #30.

I get offers to review cookbooks all the time, but when this one came across my desk, I knew it had to be good. Man, this Guy … read more

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