Monthly Archives: July 2011

How to Make Mason Jar Meals: Part 1

Last week I placed the following photo on Big Red Kitchen’s FaceBook Page and received an overwhelming amount of requests on how I made these Mason Jar Meals. I aim to please…

How many of … read more

“Birch & Barley” Inspired Cucumber Melon Salad

“Let’s get out of here and live our life,” I typed to Himself on Facebook. He in one room, I in the other, both on Facebook dwindling a hot Saturday afternoon while all three kids … read more

Boredom Buster for Kids: How to Make Fondant Candies

The cloves, definitely the cloves. Their scent brought me right back to our old kitchen, when I used to sit for hours while Ma made these little candies. She would make the fondant, color it, … read more

But what about the laundry? And Red Cabbage Salad with Pistachios

When I was a little girl, Ma would tell me stories about her own mother cooking great feasts for the holidays with her greatest memory being her mother’s homemade ravioli. “Mamma would cover all the … read more

Feta Basil Tomato Kebabs

My first experience with Feta was back in the late 80’s when I worked for a Greek diner in New Jersey. You’re snickering aren’t you? I really didn’t like Feta’s saltiness or texture and pretty … read more

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