Making Memories

Last night we went to Oktoberfest here in our area. We made some new memories…

1. The band played Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song on the Accordian, turning it into some type of polka nightmare.

2. I don’t remember anything after that.

3. We did the Chickie Dance, even Himself.

4. I taught the boys the Oktoberfest chant to they could shout it out too.

5. Himself wore his lederhosen, and I my German blouse. We were one of the few who dressed the part.

6. Himself served beer for 4 hours. He made me a Radler- half beer, half sprite.

7. Daelyn took that photo of us.

8. We ate brats. The kids had pizza and ice cream.

9. I tried an apple cider donut and fell in love.

10. My brother and nephew were there too. A perfect family evening!

It’s a tragic thing that we cannot choose which memories we keep or lose, so we must at least try to make them all good.

What memories are you making this weekend?

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  1. Big Dude
    Posted October 9, 2011 at 10:59 AM | Permalink

    As an old guy looking back on 65 years, I'm convinced that making memories is what it's all about – glad you learned at a young age. Great shot of you guys.

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