Message on the Bottle

Day 10- The Art of Wearing Your Fat Dreams

Last Saturday Himself and I had the opportunity to help the owners of Catoctin Creek bottle their new batch of Roundstone Rye Whisky. About 20 of us gathered, were assigned specific tasks, and in under 90 minutes bottled over 700 bottles to be shipped all over the US. Scott and Becky, the husband and wife team who own Catoctin Creek, informed us to write anything we wanted on the bottle labels, avoiding political statements of course. There were many, many labels going out there, maybe you will find one in your neck of the woods. Now that would be cool!

Here is the beginning of the assembly line with the guys bottling, corking, sealing, then on to the labeling tables. That is Himself on the far left bottling and managed to avoid a Lucy moment.

Here we are at the label station. Not only did the labelers have to get the labels straight, we had to keep our eyes open for the little fruit flies who like to dive in and get drunk drowned.

Drinking whisky could be a very religious experience. Himself is such the joker.

He is quite the romantic too.

Here is a little about Scott and Becky. It was so neat hearing about their dream, and watching how very hard they have worked to achieve it. And yes you are reading the labels correctly- it’s organic! Have you ever participated in helping someone live their dreams? If so, how?

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