The Next British Invasion! SORTED!

Day 24- The Art of Wearing Your Fat Dreams

Barry, Mike, Ben, and Jamie

Have you seen these guys yet? I think I just upped my cool meter by meeting and chatting with Ben Ebbrell online over the last few days. Here is a group of guys who, over a few pints during their Uni years, understood the challenges of cooking while students, thus provoking Ben to jot down some of his recipes that could be cooked up back at their flats. Roommates caught on, friends of friends caught on, and before they knew it, SORTED was born, launching a huge foodie community amongst their peers and beyond.

SORTED is made up of real guys, a real community, personal contact, and a very interactive website, Facebook Page, and Youtube Channel. Their message: “cooking shouldn’t be a chore. SORTED shows this by knocking down the barriers around food and making it fun and accessible to all novice cooks.”

Here’s a little behind the scenes banter with Ben…

When you and your friends dreamed up the Sorted idea in the pub, did your family think you were crazy to pursue such a whim?

Ben: SORTED has been this dream that, as friends, we’ve all been ploughing on with for a good few years now… and it’s one that we’ve genuinely believed in from the start, wanting to, in some way, make a difference! At the start, our families didn’t quite get it. No doubt they thought we should go and get ‘proper’ jobs in the beginning… especially in the early days when we were having to do both! But as time progressed and they realised that were were able to treat it as a ‘job’ and yet enjoy every moment they realised we were onto something. Never once feeling as if we were ‘working’ and yet able to have a small influence by opening the eyes of our audience (young online generation) to an alternative way with food…. social cooking. It goes without saying though that our families have been forever supportive… even when they weren’t quite sure!

When did you know you were on to something big?

Ben: To be honest… we still question on a daily basis what we are doing. Some days we have to pinch ourselves to reassure us that we aren’t dreaming. Able to play around with SORTED, do what we love, and get others involved. When we started it was just our friends, then friends of friends. As the numbers grew and we realised that these were more people watching and sharing the videos than we could possibly know on a personal level we knew it meant something. It started around a pub table and now it feels like SORTED is the world’s largest pub table… all chatting together and sharing their foodies stories.

What should every novice cook have in their kitchen?

Ben: Every student or novice cook needs…

1) a simple spice rack… the secret to making the same ingredients taste so amazingly different each time you cook.

2) tupperware… never ever throw away leftovers. Stash them to enjoy the next day as the same meal again or use it as the basis for a new idea. Wasted food is wasted money!

3) friends or family to share the cooking process with… not just the eating of the food, but the choosing of what to cook, the actually preparation and then of course tucking into the end result.

Here is their very fun, funny, but very informative video on how to make Butternut Squash Ravioli. It is a must to click on Mike’s tears to watch the Onion Video, I found myself chuckling over Barry’s antics, and swooning a bit (OK, a lot) over Ben’s accent.

What an exciting dream to watch unfold! I’ve subscribed to their Youtube Page so I can join in each week to watch a new recipe. From pub table to a huge online presence, these SORTED guys are working diligently to make their dreams comes true. Subscribe to their youtube page, join their facebook page, and get involved. There’s nothing like being a part of a dream, and an even cooler foodie community.


  1. Biz
    Posted October 24, 2011 at 2:59 PM | Permalink

    How cool is that?? I can't watch video at work (eating pork thai stew that's delicious – I am posting the recipe tomorrow), but will watch it tonight.

    Happy Monday Robin!

  2. Edith
    Posted October 26, 2011 at 2:26 AM | Permalink

    This is cool. At first I thought they were a new pop group. SO I was already to hop over to youtube to check out their video but then I read on and find out their foodies! Huh? Wha? And then they know what they are doing. Man, when they get married, you talk about happy wives.

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