Monthly Archives: February 2012

“Little Moments” Burnt Sugar Cake with Salted Caramel Browned Buttercream Frosting


Brad Paisley sure does have some good songs. “Little Moments” is a song where Brad sings of loving all those cute little imperfections of his lady. To him it’s the little mistakes … read more

“Ol’ Red” Puppy Pizza Biscuits


Country music. Old pickup trucks, alcoholic beverages, guns, cheatin’, love, family, and BBQ. But there’s one little element I cannot leave out of this Country Countdown roundup- the Dawgs! Country songs love … read more

“Chicken Fried” Chicken Chips


If you are anything like me, you would agree that the best part of fried chicken is the FRIED. Kind of like the best part of a rotisserie chicken is the Chicken … read more

Roasted Marshmallow Crispy Treats


Wow! Craig Morgan’s song “Bonfire” screams Friday night to me. Everyone getting out of work, driving their SUVs and trucks out into the woods and lighting up a big Bonfire. I still … read more

“Before He Cheats” Fruity Little Drinks


Hell has no fury like a woman scorned! Carrie Underwood sings of a gal’s revenge on her cheating lover by maturely keying his paint job, slashing the tires, smashing the headlights, and … read more

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