“Bait a Hook” Redneck Sushi


“Iheard you had to drive him home after two umbrella drinks,
I heard he’s got a Prius, ’cause he’s into bein’ green
My buddies said he saw ya’ll, eatin’ that sushi stuff
Baby that don’t sound like you, that don’t sound like love,
sounds like it sucks…

He can’t even bait a hook…” Lyrics by Justin Moore.

Sounds like this country boy doesn’t like the idea of his ex gal dating this preppy boy, now does it? He’s almost implying that the new guy isn’t a guy at all, because real men should be able to bait a hook and skin a buck. But you know, I am kind of with the good ole boy on this one because the thought of someone kissing me in a hay field in the summer rain and melting my heart with a country song seems like a good idea. Better than a Prius. For me, a real man has to have a bit of country in him.

One time I took a date 4 wheelin’. I drove through the cranberry bogs of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens like a coon with Old Dan and Little Ann on it’s tail. Swerving left and right, just missing trees, yeehawing, and kicking up mud everywhere, I was having a great time, until I hear this sound from the passenger seat. My date was screaming like a little girl who just got her pigtails caught in a fan. The Nancy. An ex-candidate for becoming Mr. Robin Sue for sure. Once winter came around I did give him a second chance when I took him out in my truck again to do donuts in the fresh fallen snow. This time he held on to the dashboard screaming like a Sally again. Should have went on my first impression.

This little rollup is one of my favorite appetizers. Don’t knock the okra thing until you try it. Rednecks approve this. I approve this. Therefore I am a redneck. Gotta love logic.

Redneck Sushi
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
5 green onions, sliced, greens only
6 slices of smoked ham
2 whole dill pickles, halved and patted dry
6-7 Wickles Pickled Okra spears, patted dry

Mix cream cheese, pepper, and onions until smooth. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese over a slice of ham, place a pickle half or a few okra spears along the center of the cream cheese layer, roll. Cut into 6 slices. The ends will not be perfect but still delicious. Makes about 30-36 pieces.

Himself’s Candidacy for Becoming Mr. Robin Sue…
Corvette, check
Motorcycle, check
Rottweiller, check
Jump Wings, check
Ranger Tab, check
Cowboy Boots, check and double check

Country Countdown
#10- Red Solo Cup Margaritas
#9- BBQ Stain on My White T-Shirt Pulled Pork Sandwiches


  1. Big Dude
    Posted February 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM | Permalink

    This definitely one of your best posts and I chuckled all the way thru it. Does this mean you're the kind of woman a good ole boy likes – just a little on the trashy side :-). I like pickled okra so I'm sure I'd enjoy these little goodies.

  2. Robin Sue
    Posted February 18, 2012 at 10:13 AM | Permalink

    Big Dude- I am trashy all right! Not just on the side. Trashy kitchen, trashy car, trashy room, trashy garage, trashy office- too bad it's not the kind of trashy guys like;-)

    That's right! Your pickled okra would be perfect for these!

  3. Cara @ The Boys Made Me Do It
    Posted February 18, 2012 at 10:22 AM | Permalink

    Oh my word! We are dying over here in redneckville, tn!! Can't wait to see what is next!!

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