Monthly Archives: April 2012

Emergency Pie Crust Cookies

It wasn’t until midnight Saturday night when I remembered that I was to bring goodies to church for the volunteers on Sunday morning. What on earth was I going to do at this hour? I … read more

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse

Polly put the kettle on, we’ll all have tea (and chocolate). There is a scene in “Lost in Austen” when Jane offers Miss Amanda Price a breakfast of tea, marmalade, and chocolate to go with … read more

Pastiera di Pepperoni

In an Italian kitchen come Easter time you will see foods such Pizzagaina, a type of ham and cheese pie; Ricotta Pie, a sweet Italian dessert highlighting citron; and Pastiera di Pepperoni not to be … read more

Coconut Crème Anglaise Dessert- Paleo

Back in February I took the Paleo Challenge at our CrossFit gym when I basically decided to only eat meats, seafood, eggs, fruits and veggies, nuts, and seeds, and healthy oils- that’s it. It was … read more

Bumblebee Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Spring is in the air and all over my car, furniture, and floors. We have pollen like crazy over here in Virginia. That means my favorite little bug the Bumblebee should be making an appearence … read more

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