Bumblebee Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Spring is in the air and all over my car, furniture, and floors. We have pollen like crazy over here in Virginia. That means my favorite little bug the Bumblebee should be making an appearence very soon. I like those slow and clunky creatures, who by late afternoon are so drunk on nectar that they are easy to corner and pet. My kids think I am the bee whisperer becasue I have been able to pet a few bumblebees in my time.

One of the things I like to do in Springtime is enrobe strawberries in chocolate. This is my favorite treat of all time! This time I thought to create some little bumblebees out of the strawberries. My little girl really thought these were the cutest things ever. These do take a bit of time, but I find it relaxing to sit and make them, more so than needlepoint- probably because I can’t see those little x’s anymore.

To make these you will need…
1. toothpicks
2. white chocolate- I used candy coating this time, much easier to melt than white chocolate.
3. yellow candy melts
4. chocolate- I tried the dark chocolate candy melts this time and they worked well
5. strawberries- room temperature, washed and dried well
6. pretty paper cupcake liners, optional but cute- Wilton makes cute flower liners
7. waxed paper
8. small pretzels

*I found all the candy melts by Wilton at Michael’s

Here is what to do…
1. Melt the white chocolate candy coating according to package directions. I usually do this in small amounts so not to waste any.
2. Dip the pretzels into the melted white chocolate and shake off any excess, and let set on the waxed paper.
3. Place a toothpick into the pointy end of the strawberry until just about a 1/2 inch is sticking out. Pull off all the strawberries’ leaves. Do not pull out the stem or hull the strawberry.
4. Melt the yellow candy coating according to package directions, and by holding the toothpick, gently dip the fat rounded end of the strawberry halfway into the melted coating and let set on the waxed paper. Mine set in about 7 minutes.
5. Melt the chocolate candy coating according to package directions and by gently holding the strawberry by the fat end dip the toothpick end into the chocolate. I found it easier to pour the chocolate over the exposed end of the strawberry and toothpick. Gently shake off excess chocolate. Immediately press a pretzel onto the bee’s back. I dabbed a little bit of chocolate on the pretzel first. Let set on waxed paper
6. Once set, gently hold the bee by its middle and dip the fat yellow end of the bee into the melted chocolate being sure not to cover all the yellow. This will become the bee’s face.
7. Melt a little bit more yellow, or re-melt the yellow you already have and by using a toothpick dab little eyes on the bee’s face.
8. Place in paper cupcake liners and serve.
9. I made these at night and refigerated them and they seemd to do well by morning, but I would not keep them long as the strawberry will weep out from under the chocolate and crack it.
10. Pour excess melted chocolate out onto plastic wrap, let set, and wrap for later use.

**BEE sure to tell your guests that there is a toothpick in the bee, Himself was almost stung, and he is allergic to bees! Wink.

Happy Spring!

What is your favorite Springtime treat to make?

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