Mason Jar Meal Tip #1: Options Over Obstacles

Now that Himself and I eat Paleo and our children do not, I have to offer paleo friendly and non-paleo friendly choices at meal time. I have learned to deconstruct some dishes in order to make the dish go either way. For instance Chicken Noodle Soup has become Chicken Soup with carbohydrate options on the side. When I first started making Mason Jar Meals for my family, I was solving lunch-packing issues, now I am solving my dinner time issues too, such as:  busy nights, picky eaters, food allergies, and dietary differences. Options Over Obstacles.  Mason Jar Meals provide options galore.

1. When making a dish, keep the noodles or rice separate.

2. For example, when making my Chicken (Noodle) Soup, I provide three carbohydrate choices.
Paleo options are spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, or more vegetables.
Gluten-free options are rice or gluten-free pastas, or even the paleo choices.
Traditional options would be an offering of rice or pasta.

For another example, either meat, vegetarian or vegan chili can be served plain or…
Paleo options/Gluten-free options include serving your chili over roasted sweet potatoes, over a baked potato (not paleo but gluten-free!) inside a roasted acorn squash half, or over a plate of carrot noodles. What about these cool jicama shells made for Guaco Tacos from Diane at The Whole Gang, to hug your chili?
Traditional options would of course include spaghetti for a big plate of chili mac! Corn chips for dipping and all the fixings, such as sour cream, cheese, gobs of queso, onions, olives, etc, etc, etc. Oh how I miss the traditional!

So you can see how Mason Jar Meals can cover all dietary plans. Options baby!

Is it really about the jar? No, but here is why I like to use them…
1. Dishwasher safe
2. Re-usable
3. Not plastic
4. See through
5. Stain-proof
6. Makes food look delicious
7. Stackable
8. Lids and jars can be purchased separately
9. Portion control
10. Inexpensive
11. Portable
12. Oven safe

Try Mason Jar Meals to solve some of your cooking dilemmas. What are some of your cooking dilemmas?

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