Monthly Archives: May 2012

Stir-fried Cauliflower Rice: Video

Some folks have written in asking about recipes using that big jar o’cauliflower rice I made in my last video, “The fastest way to rice cauliflower.”  One of my favorite ways to use up that … read more

Wok Wednesdays: chinese burmese chili chicken

Have you ever made a recipe that made you want to run out in your front yard and yell “I just made the best lunch ever!”? That happened when I made this stir-fry yesterday. My … read more

The fastest way to “rice” cauliflower: video

I eat cauliflower often, especially cauliflower “rice”. It makes a tasty paleo side dish in lieu of rice. I have tried many ways to “rice” cauliflower, from chopping it by hand, placing it in the food … read more

BRK Digest: wok wednesdays, skincare, girl’s night out, books, snacks

When my Ma calls she asks me what I’ve been up to, and what is new in my life. “Not much,” I tell her, “you know, feeding kids, driving kids, grocery shopping, cooking, blogging, going … read more

The Secret to Leaving Home: A mother’s getaway plan

Mason Jar Meal Tip #3: Design beautiful mason jar meal options for your family before leaving town.

Feed them. That’s the secret. Make it simple. Let there be options. Let there be treats. Let there … read more

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