Neighborly Love

She has a green thumb and each year works her magic in her garden. Between lilies, baby dogwoods, and irises grow tomatoes, basil, sorrel, impatiens, and butterfly bushes. I am pretty certain Faeries dwell there too.  There are too many flowers to name, and although Daelyn and I ask her their names, we forget, maybe so that we can go back again just to spend more time with her. Miss Kathryn is loved by all the children in the neighborhood.  With the fun Halloween costumes she adorns each year to hand out candy and tell hilarious fortunes to each and every child, the way she tells the children stories, and the way she pays them special compliments, she has won over the hearts of all our children.

We know it is summertime when we get a call from Kathryn that her tomatoes are ready and “does Daelyn want to come up for some French bread, tomatoes, fresh basil, and olive oil?” You bet she does. Sunday evening, Daelyn and I strolled on up to Miss Kathryn’s to join her and some of Daelyn’s friends for a grand garden feast al fresco. There they all are clinking Champagne flutes of Kinder Wine (Martinelli),  enjoying the garden’s harvest, feeling all grown up, important, and loved by Miss Kathryn, while she, Miss Kathryn happily snapped many photos to capture the memory forever.

Thank you Miss Kathryn, you are the best!

Do you have fond memories of a great neighbor?


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    I do remember Mrs. Finch who lived on our street and watched out of her window each day when all of us children walked home from school. She saved me one day when a bully pushed me off of the sidewalk. I was on roller skates and he thought it was funny to send me flying into the grass. Mrs. Finch came out of her house, shooed him away and invited me in for lemonade and cookies. What a great lady. I still get fuzzy feelings when I visit home and pass her cute house.

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    What a wonderful story of your neighbor! You are so lucky to have her!

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