Monthly Archives: September 2012

GAP: “grab a PINT” Spicy Shrimp Rolls

Back in my single days I went on a cruise with my friend Sara and I won a bikini contest. Now given I was one of a few 20 somethings on a ship of over … read more

GAP: “Grab a PINT”- egg salad boats

Did you know if I don’t keep healthy snacks on hand, I grab junk? You too? I am making a better job of grabbing a PINT. Not the kind of pint you are thinking of, … read more

Chicken Piccata: Tangy in 20

In twenty minutes, that is. There are so many flash-in-the-pan chicken dishes that I am going to rotate into my weekly dinners. Did you know that once you butterfly and pound chicken breasts thin, they … read more

Let’s grab a PINT: snacking on the go

The toughest part about eating healthy is when I am out and about running errands and I fail to pack a snack. I have other friends, readers, and family members ask me about snack ideas … read more

Grilled Chicken Caprese Appetizer: Primal

Last Friday night we had our end of summer Grill Out and Chill Out at the gym, probably the last before the weather turns chilly, and everyone falls into the throws of Autumn activities. The … read more

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