Let’s grab a PINT: snacking on the go

The toughest part about eating healthy is when I am out and about running errands and I fail to pack a snack. I have other friends, readers, and family members ask me about snack ideas for on the go or even at home. I see snacks as being a bit smaller than a regular meal, something that I can eat with my fingers or a small fork, healthy, easy to make and most importantly appealing.  It has to be something that I can grab and eat cold or at room temperature too.  I am always looking for good sources of protein and one of my favorites is smoked salmon.

The other night I went to an open house where they were serving little roll-ups of smoked salmon sprinkled with finely diced red onion and hard-cooked eggs. While the roll was simple to spear the eggs and onions went all down the front of me and onto the floor. A tad embarrassing, aye?  So I copied the idea, but rolled very thin red onion slices into the salmon and gave myself nice thick slices of hard-boiled eggs, along with a sprinkle of dill for color.  I placed each serving attractively on a grease-proof paper cupcake liner and layered them in a pint size wide mouth mason jar.  To this jar I layered two salmon and egg portions along with a layer of really nice and sweet red grapes.  This was the perfect snack to eat between running my son to all his activities.

Puts a whole new spin on “grabbing a pint,”  huh?

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Smoked Salmon Roll-ups on the Go
Recipe type: Paleo snack, healthy snacking
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Serves: 3
Stay on the healthy wagon by making up some pints of flavorful and healthy snacks.
  • 4 ounces wild smoked salmon, 6 thin slices
  • red onion thinly sliced, about 18 slivers
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced
  • dried dill
  • 3 small bunches of grapes or other favorite fruit
  • 9 large grease-proof cupcake liners
  • 3 wide mouth pint size jars
  1. Place 3 slivers of onion on a thin slice of smoked salmon, roll up and place in a cupcake liner. If you do not have grease-proof liners then double your liners or use silicone cupcake liners.
  2. Place 2 slices of hard-boiled egg with the salmon roll and sprinkle all with a bit of dill.
  3. Repeat with all the salmon and eggs slices until you have 6 separate servings.
  4. Place your grape bundles in the remaining cupcake liners. Place the grape bundles at the bottom of each jar and top with two salmon roll and egg servings. Place lid on the jars and store in the refrigerator up to 2 days.
You can portion this out any way you like. If you do not want to use all the salmon, then wrap what you do not use in plastic wrap, place it in a zip top bag and freeze for up to 6 weeks. Remember the longer you freeze fish the stronger it seems to get. So be sure to use it right away. Hint on the eggs- I always try to keep some hard-boiled eggs on hand so recipes like this one go quickly. PS- pack the breath mints.



  1. Jenn
    Posted March 6, 2013 at 9:08 AM | Permalink

    Well this is so simple and so genius! The mason jar will be my new bento box! Thanks!

  2. Sis
    Posted August 29, 2013 at 4:10 PM | Permalink

    I think a spread of cream cheese would help hold it together, too. Oh, and maybe a few little capers! 🙂

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