Monthly Archives: October 2012

Entertaining: On designing an Hors d’oeuvre Plank

I have written before about my Planks and the various entertaining venues I have used them.  The more I use them the more I challenge my creativity in designing a beautiful offering of foods on my … read more

Entertaining: On serving chocolate bars

Place your prettiest pedestal dish atop your table. Decoratively display a collection of your favorite chocolate bars and some plump juicy strawberries. Dessert is complete. It is that simple. I have been doing this for … read more

Entertaining: On highlighting my salt collection

When I entertain, I try to provide foods and beverages that add to my guests’ experience. Last week I hosted Book Club and wanted the ladies to able to relax, taste, and enjoy something exciting … read more

Deven’s Allergy-free Granola

Dear Deven,

Today is Granola Monday and I am still away in Germany visiting with Miss Maggie. You will have to make the Granola today, OK? I placed the ingredients on the grocery list before … read more

Pumpkin Galore

Gemütlichkeit. I love that German word. It means warm, cozy, cheerful and is often associated with the Holidays- that wonderful time of food, family, friends, and music. It seems as though when we enter Autumn … read more

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