Monthly Archives: November 2012

“Spice Up the Holidays” Week 2: Part 2 Rumaki with Captain Morgan’s Black Rum

Now you don’t think I would hand you a cocktail without feeding you, huh? In this Captain Morgan’s “Spice Up the Holidays” Challenge, 9 bloggers and I are to create 3 recipes- appetizer, cocktail, and … read more

“Spice Up the Holidays” Week 2: Part 1 Sailor’s Delight Spritzers with Rhum Arrangé

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning. What could be more delightful than a glass full of rum cheer? Tomorrow night is my big “Spice Up the Holidays” with Captain read more

I did it! I passed the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course

What a wonderful journey! I have been CrossFitting for 3 years now, starting out on November 1, 2009 as a broken down, out of shape 42 year old. You can read my CrossFit story hereread more

I’m one of the Darling Dozen!

When I set the table like this last week for my family, my children said, “it looks like mom was in Germany.” He he.  Through the Holiday season I am trying to keep life as … read more

“Spice Up the Holidays” with Captain Morgan

I knew right away what I wanted my apron to say. Not my name, not BRK or Big Red Kitchen, no branding at all. I answered with a resounding “This is the Life!” because it’s all … read more

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