Thanksgiving Recipes and the Secret Ingredient

The greatest gift we can give during the Holiday Season is our service. Sure there are material things to share each year, but the most important is the magic we create for our families around the Holidays when we serve them with our real gifts- be it baking, cooking, story-telling, kitchen crafts, or time. Sometimes I get so task oriented, that I forget that all the things I do during the Holidays are really acts of service. When I snap to and change my attitude to one of service, then I somehow regain energy and strength to enjoy the tasks instead of being drained by them. I love serving my family.

Cooking in my house can be such a chore. Three kids, sometimes picky, three different likes/hates, allergies, and diverse schedules can really take the fun and creativity out of cooking meals.  But I have a Secret Ingredient. My kids discovered it when I left instructions for them on making their own Granola while I was away to Germany a few weeks ago. My little girl emailed me to say she loved it!  Now when I see that little white crock on my counter and think of the note it contains, I smile, slow down, and remember to serve and love my family.

So I am going to put my Service Hat on and sprinkle everything that comes out of my kitchen with LOVE during this Holiday season and beyond. Will you join me?

Need some Thanksgiving Recipe inspiration? Try my favorites…
How To Roast Beets
Beet Greens
Thanksgiving Leftover Solution- Pepper Jelly Ham
Curried Cheese Ball
Miniaturize Your Casseroles- Corn Pudding
How to Jazz Up Your Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes: Boursin Potatoes- These are delicious!
Cranberry Salsa Black Bean Dip
Pumpkin Cake Rolls
Thanksgiving Wassail
Yummy Yams
Savory Creamed Corn
Thanksgiving Harvard Beets
Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes
Thanksgiving Buche de Merci– a play on Buche de Noel
Thanksgiving Cream of Peanut Soup
On Storing Thanksgiving Leftovers– Another way BRK is keepin’ it Glassy!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

Work true, play hard, pray long, sleep slow. Love deep.
And be always- Thankful.


  1. Posted November 16, 2012 at 1:14 PM | Permalink

    This is so true!! Our attitudes can “make or break” the task or the day! Thanks for the post. I hope y’all have an awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. Posted November 17, 2012 at 1:15 PM | Permalink

    Nice secret ingredient Robin Sue – Hope you have a great holiday.

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