Monthly Archives: February 2013

Awesome Sauce! All three kids like this fish dish…

DSC01901 Miracle of miracles, all three kids liked this fish dish. The world can end now. Do you have that kind of family? One likes one thing, the other hates it, and round and round it … read more

Meat Night: a tale of two sliders

DSC01927 What on earth is Meat Night?” I asked my kids when they listed it as one of their preferred dinner menu themes. “Cheesesteaks! Burgers! Chicken, but good chicken! Steak!” they each shouted talking over … read more

I can’t serve my guests panini for dinner, can I?

DSC01861 Usually when I have company for dinner, I like to make a special meal, especially an Italian dish because that is what I am good at cooking. But our company was coming over on a … read more

Tex-Mex Night never tasted so good

DSC01850After waving the white flag and asking the kids what kind of dinners they wanted, they came up with 7 Nights– Panini, Soup, Meat, Pasta, Tex-Mex, Pizza, and Fish (which really means to them … read more

and it has come to this…

photo (1)-002 They won. Back in January we had a bad week here, a bad food week that is. I was happy eating healthy dishes, fresh vegetables, and the such, but the kids were fed up with … read more

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