Meat Night: a tale of two sliders

DSC01927 What on earth is Meat Night?” I asked my kids when they listed it as one of their preferred dinner menu themes. “Cheesesteaks! Burgers! Chicken, but good chicken! Steak!” they each shouted talking over eachother so that their choice was heard loud and clear. “OK, I can do that,” said the carnivore mother to her young. My middle child chose Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders for our first official Meat Night which was no surprise to me since burgers are one of his favorite food groups. And pop off the buns, add a few interesting toppings and I have my paleo burger as seen above in the photo.


First up. I fried some un-cured bacon in my cast iron skillet. Drained the bacon grease but left enough in the pan to fry the burgers.  I like to scoop the ground beef with a regular ice cream scoop to get even burgers. Here I am using grass-fed 85% ground beef. I seasoned the burgers with Penzeys season salt and black pepper.


Next I fry them up in a pan. I like to get a good sear on them and them flatten them out with a big spatula. Takes a bit of muscle, but my kids like them thin.


Once they are pressed and seared a bit more, I flip ’em and top them with a piece of organic Meunster Cheese.


Mmmm, nice and melty. Now to place them on little Angel Rolls I found at Whole Foods and top them with the bacon.


My kids love these little sliders! They enjoyed these with a side of raw carrots and my homemade Ranch Dressing for dipping.


Now for my sliders. Same method as the kids’, no cheese though, and with a huge bed of  baby spinach to place the sliders on and then topped with mango salsa and bacon.  Delicious, bold, smokey, sweet, and spicy.

And everyone was happy once again.

There is something good and rewarding about giving the kids responsibility over the menu planning because after this meal they all asked what tomorrow night’s theme would be. How exciting to see them so involved and interested. I felt a bit triumphant.  Until this…

One shouted for Pizza Night. “No, you dummy that is for a Friday Night. I think Soup Night and it should be beef stew.” said the oldest.
“Fish on Fridays.” I said to blank stares of disbelief. And without missing a beat…
“I hate beef stew.” said the middle.
“That’s because you don’t eat healthy and will die young.” quipped the oldest.
“What about Tex-Mex Night?” said the littlest.
“We just had that last night stupid,” mocked her big brothers. “What about Pasta Night?” they bullied.
“OK, lasagna then,” she said.
“We just had Lazy Lasagna all last week! No.”
“Then spaghetti.”
It was a long while before they found me curled in a dark recess of our home, rocking and clutching a bottle of Scotch while breathlessly whispering, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”

Only a fool declares victory so early in war.

Come back next week to see how I got my picky headed kids to ALL like the same fish dish- miracles of miracles; a nice simple appetizer I picked up in Miami; and more Theme Nights and how I am adapting them to please both the paleos and non alike.  All with one arm, frazzled mind, and feeble humor.


  1. Posted February 22, 2013 at 1:57 PM | Permalink

    That sounds like my 3 kids having a conversation about that – no one wins!

  2. sharon
    Posted February 23, 2013 at 11:08 AM | Permalink

    You can do it, Robin! Yes, you can! Able to whip up delicious, healthy meals with a single-arm. It’s a meal engineer. It’s someone who doesn’t back down to a dare. It’s Super Mommy! Some day your kids will realize how awesome they had it growing up. Here’s an idea…. what about making some sort of asian style meatballs and serving them over rice for the kids and cauliflower rice for yourself? I know you have a sweet and sour sauce recipe. You could use ground chicken or turkey, even. Just a thought. You’re doing great! ~Sharon

    • Robin Sue
      Posted February 23, 2013 at 12:55 PM | Permalink

      Thanks Sharon,
      It has been easier cooking things they like and adapting them to be more paleo for us, everyone is happy that way. Cauli”Rice” and spaghetti squash are big helps as side dishes. Someday they will get it, as I did when I got older and realised how good of a cook my own Ma was and still is.

  3. Posted February 25, 2013 at 2:16 PM | Permalink

    oooo I like both sliders, but the last one (yours) looks extra yummy!

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