This will be even more better! BRK’s Newsletter Cooking Salons

DSC02069 For a long time now I have been asking myself, “How can I help my readers get dinner on the table, or pack better lunches?” “Is BRK helping anyone?” So to give you my very best, I am recreating my Newsletters into unique Cooking Salons to include detailed recipes, meal plans, tutorials, and tips to inspire you to get healthy food on your table or in your lunch box in the most delicious and fastest way possible.

What will the Newsletter contain?
1. Cooking Salons!  The Salon abides history as a place where like-minded individuals regularly gathered to discuss contemporary culture,  politics, literature, and art. My application of a Cooking Salon envelops the same principles of salons gone by, except it will encompass the day to day details of hospitality and cookery. Or in modern terms, get good food in your belly ASAP!
2. Detailed whole-food recipes which can be adapted to all dietary styles.
3. OK, I may not be the best photographer, but photos too.
4. PDF downloads for you to use in your own kitchen! Very cool.
5. Tutorials, because everyone needs a good tute.
6. I will keep the Newsletter to 2 times per month, unless you all want more!

Why the Newsletter?
1. This will be a better format to share my curriculum writing skills.
2. It is an opt-in feature designed for those who really are interested in a healthy lifestyle.
3. These are a ton of hard work and I would rather the information go to people who care.
4. You can always opt out. If the newsletter is not your thing, cancel it. In this day and age, when time is so precious, I would be the last person who would want to waste your time.
5. It’s free.

Who is the Newsletter’s desired Audience?
Busy people.
2.  People just like me who daily wonder, “what’s for dinner?”  Yup, I struggle too.
3.  People who enjoy a little cooking, but are not pro’s.
4.  People who enjoy whole foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but are not perfect.
5.  People who are motivated, eager, courageous, and interested in making a little bit of cooking their new BFF.
Lax, dead, and uninspired people need not apply.  

So if that photo up there of the Cuppa Noodles  in two flavors interests you and you want those recipes, then sign up for my newsletter. Those recipes will NOT be on BRK’s regular feed.

How to sign up…
1. Click here. It will direct you to a pop up box where you will have to enter your email and type in the captcha.
2. It will ask you to verify your subscription so be sure to check your spam box for that email. PLEASE verify. So many sign up but never verify and will not receive my newsletter.
3.  OR at the bottom of this post is a little box that has “Newsletter” high-lighted in red, that will get you signed up too.

Hurry, the first Newsletter with the Cuppa Noodles recipes will come out next Monday! Subscribe today. And if you know others who would enjoy this recipe and more like it, have them sign up too.  If you have signed up for my newsletters in the past (and verified!) you do not need to re-subscribe, I got you in there!

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  1. Suzanne Eigenrauch
    Posted March 21, 2013 at 11:27 AM | Permalink

    Saw your recipe for Pineapple Sheet Cake and I’m fixing it for a church potluck. Looks and sounds really yummy!!!!!

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