Cooking Paleo and Non-Paleo in One Meal

DSC02472Here is an example of how my nights looks here in BRK when cooking Paleo for Himself and me, and Non-Paleo for the rest of the team. It can be a pain at times, and on occasion we have succumbed to eating Non-Paleo with the kids due to my poor planning. Blah. I plan the meal around a paleo protein, like meat, chicken, fish, or eggs. From there I add sides like fruits and veggies, and then one starch for the non-p’s, like potatoes(sometimes the paleos eat potatoes- no biggie), rice, pasta, or bread if it is Panini night. Last night I made a big pot of Tex-Mex Chicken (2 pounds boneless skinless thighs) that I had stewed down with a can of Muir Glen organic tomatoes and chilies. This simmered for about 90 minutes then was shredded. I added a bit of salt to taste.

For the Non-P’s…

DSC02474I made Chicken Quesadillas for the non-p’s.  Was sure to make extra for their lunch boxes the next day too.  This was easy. Place a tortilla down in a hot pan with butter (mmm Keri Gold!), top with a handful of cheese and then a scoop of chicken, about 2/3 cup. Top with the second tortilla, and cook until golden, flip and toast up the second side. I kept these warm in the oven while I made the paleo dinners. I made four 8 inch quesadillas, cutting them in quarters. The non-p’s enjoyed this meal with organic sour cream and fruit. While they do not eat paleo, I do my best to get extra fruits and veg in them, along with using as much organic products as I can afford.

For the Paleo Heads…
Cauliflower “Couscous” (without the lemon) was served along with the Tex-Mex Chicken Meat. This went together quickly since I already had a jar of steamed “Riced Cauliflower” in the fridge, in a jar. Wink.   I added more heat to our meat by sprinkling in some chipotle powder. Then topped up these dishes with cilantro and served them with a side of leftover roasted broccoli and fruit.

Monday Night looked like this…

photo (5)The night before I had cooked Balsamic Roasted Pork Tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes (roast the potatoes, remove from the skins, tada!), Roasted Broccoli, and Rice Pilaf (for the Non-P’s).  I made the rice pilaf without the pasta to keep the dish gluten-free.  The rice I used was organic Jasmine.  The photo above is my plate. I LOVE my potatoes topped with a pinch of salt, lime zest, and coconut butter. Heaven.  The Non-P’s obviously had the same plates but with a side of the Pilaf.

So there you have it. How I morph one meal to please the P’s and Non-P’s.

How do you cook for multiple dietary needs in your home?

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    This is such a great post! I I am in the same boat that you are having paleos and non paleos in my makes for more pans and dishes that is for sure! Your tex mex chicken is such a great idea, for P and NP dinner and then kids lunches the next day! I will definitely try this! Thanks!!

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